Rocker Toys | Why Your Child Needs One

Rocker Toys | Why Your Child Needs One


Our KIMBOO™ Rocker toy is an excellent addition to any child’s playset. Not just because it’s fun, but because it can also help in their development. There are a ton of good reasons that your child should have some kind of rocker toy and we’re going to talk about just a few of them here!

It Helps Children To Relax

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It’s a pretty well-known fact that stress is not good for a child’s development. High levels of stress on a young child can actually lead to mental health issues later on in life. The rocking back and forth motion of a rocker toy is an excellent way to soothe a child. This is because this simulates the way that parents would hold and rock them when they were just newborns.

With a rocking toy, you can help soothe your child to get them ready for bed or help them calm down after having a bad experience. With our rocker toy, your child might even fall asleep inside it!

They Can Help Develop Balance

Rocker Toy, Rocking Toy


Like with many of our other toys, the KIMBOO™ Rocker can help in the development of your child’s balance. When your child is rocking themselves they will be using their leg and core muscles to control the speed at which they move back and forth.

At first, your child will learn how to balance themselves lying on their back. At their own pace, they will learn to balance themselves while sitting upright and possibly, even work to balance themselves while standing on the rocker.

Rocker Toys Will Teach Your Child About Rhythm

Rocker Toy


You are probably already having your young one listen to music as a way to introduce them to rhythm. This is good and we highly recommend doing that but it’s also important to introduce your child to physical rhythm and not just audible rhythm.

Having your child be in control of the speed at which they rock back and forth will teach your child not only about how rhythm and momentum work, it will also teach them how to control it with their own body.

Helps Develop Their Visual Perception

Speaking of rhythm. Rocking toys can help develop your child’s visual perception. This is the ability of your brain to make sense of what your eyes see. The rocker toy’s style of movement will help your child’s brain to develop an understanding of how their movement and vision are connected. This will help them make sense of what they see, even when they are moving quickly using the KIMBOO™ Rocker!