How to assemble KIMBOO Rocker

1. Remove all elements from the two boxes and lay them flat on a mat or rug.
• 1 hexagonal key (a)
• 18 screws (b)
• 9 transversal planks (d)
• 2 sides (e) 
Insert the 9 planks (d) into one side (e) of the KIMBOO™ Rocker.
2b. The result will look like this.
3. Insert the second side (e) of the KIMBOO™ Rocker into the planks (d) by making sure to align all the holes.
Place 9 screws (b) on one side (e) of the KIMBOO™ Rocker and tighten them with the hexagonal key (a) provided or use an electric screwdriver to accelerate the process.
5. Turn over the KIMBOO™ Rocker and repeat step 5 with the remaining 9 screws (b). Make sure that all 18 screws are tight and there is no space between the planks (d) and the sides (e) of the KIMBOO™ Rocker.
6. Your Kimboo™ Rocker is ready – time to play!